Chelan Mayor Pushes for County-Wide Sales Tax Increase to Pay for Law Enforcement

April 26, 2011

Officials with the City of Chelan say they cannot afford the a new proposed

contract with Chelan County for law enforcement services. . .
Chelan is one of four cities the County is

currently negotiating with for new public safety contracts with the Sheriff’s Department. Steve Hair reports on

what was discussed at Monday’s board meeting . .

The County maintains that the status quo is unsustainable

and that it can’t afford to provide the same levels of service without upping the contract. Commissioner Doug


Chelan Mayor Bob Goedde concedes that the City is not in a position of power at this point in the

contract negotiations but he says he’s hopeful that an affordable agreement can be reached. . .
The City is

pushing for a county-wide vote for a sales tax increase to cover the additional costs. . .


Commissioners also see sales tax revenue as a viable option. . .but not county-wide. Their contention is that a

city-only sales tax increase would bring a better return for Chelan.

But Mayor Goedde says England’s

numbers don’t add up for the City.

And the beat goes on . . Negotiations will continue and Commissioner

England says the hope is to have new contracts with Chelan, Leavenworth, Entiat and Cashmere in place by October.


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