Chelan County Sheriff Opposes Marijuana Legalization

October 15, 2012



there’s smoke, there’s fire. And things are certainly heating up over the debate on marijuana

legalization in Washington State. Initiative 502 will be decided in November’s election. The bill would

legalize, tax, and regulate marijuana for adult recreational consumption.

       I-502 activist and travel guru Rick

Steves will be in Leavenworth tonight to stump for legalization. Steves will give a free talk at the Sleeping Lady

at 7pm.

       We’ve spoken to Steves recently and gotten his take on why I-502 is

a good bill. 

       Recent polling suggests a majority of Washington voters agree with Steves

and favor the legalization bill. But what is the stance of local law enforcement? Are they preparing themselves

for the possibility that this drug may soon be legal to buy and use?

       Today, Isaac Kaplan-Woolner brings us a

conversation with Chelan County Sheriff Brian Burnett, who says while he personally opposes marijuana

legalization, he is preparing for it as an eventual, inevitable reality. 

       Chelan County’s Sheriff

opposes I-502, but says he fully expects marijuana to be legalized one day. Again, legalization activist and

travel expert Rick Steves is giving a free talk on his support of I-502 at 7pm tonight at The Sleeping