BREAKING NEWS: 2 Top Chelan PUD Executives Fired

February 07, 2011

Reporter Steve Hair

is following this breaking news story, and will have more on our KOHO News 5@5 update. Here is the full text of

the PUD news release:


Chelan PUD announces changes in management

To restore full

confidence in his management team as decisions are made about the future of the PUD’s fiber-optic system,

General Manager John Janney announced changes today.

Janney met with Executive Manager Joe Jarvis and

with Managing Director John Smith to tell them they will no longer be employed at the District. Jarvis has been

executive manager of the Operations Group, and John Smith has been managing director of Engineering and Technology

Division. Their duties have been redistributed to other PUD managers temporarily. Janney said he will be looking

at the overall management structure to find the best alignment moving forward.

“It is important

for me to be philosophically aligned with my management team in order to have full confidence in the information

and the approach we are developing for a program as extensive as our Networks system,” said Janney. “I

want to assure our customers that we are taking appropriate steps to get the best information possible about

coverage and cost estimates and to be in a better position to move forward with our fiber program.”


The PUD is about to launch an additional build-out to more rural areas of the county

with help from a $25 million federal grant. The PUD will be required to match 25 percent of the costs, estimated

to be about $8.3 million. Starting today, the fiber program will be overseen directly by Janney.


At this point, the District plans to continue the fiber build-out. However, while the PUD

evaluates alternatives and costs to complete the non-grant funded portion of the build-out, further investment in

the fiber system will be restricted, except for new customer hookups that require only a nominal PUD cost.



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