Behind the Scenes of Prescribed Burning

May 12, 2011

You’ve heard reports on KOHO News, you may have seen the columns of smoke each spring and fall.

But do you know what really goes on at a forest service prescribed burn?
    These controlled

fires are set in order to clear out potentially hazardous wildfire fuels on the forest floor, often in areas that

have been recently logged, and to protect surrounding private lands from the threat of future fires.

/>    Controlled burns are a combination of lots of planning and testing, waiting for ideal

conditions, plus quite a bit of hard physical labor.
    Today reporter Isaac Kaplan-Woolner

takes us out for a behind the scenes tour on the very last local controlled burning day of the spring season.

/>    Prescribed burns will resume in the fall, once the forest is cooler and damp enough to be

safe after the hot dry summer.


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