ARTS CORNER Wait Until Dark

October 17, 2011

Wait Until Dark is a horror play first performed in the late 1960s. The lead role of Susy Hendrix,

played by Dylan Emrys, is a blind housewife being stalked by a sociopathic drug dealer searcing for a doll filled

with heroin. Emrys said she was excited to have the chance to be on stage after an absence of 20 years, and to

tackle such a varied and complex role.


Director John Ryan said the play is sure to offer plenty

of Halloween thrills and chills. The end of the play is set entirely in darkness, and the performance is full of

special effects that create what he calls "4d theater" Wait Until Dark will be performed at the

Riverside Playhouse of Wenatchee this Thursday, Friday and Saturday, and again October 27-29.


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