Amy Ferrell Wins Macy's Million Dollar Makeover

May 25, 2011

Amy Ferrell did

it. . .Macy’s made it official today in a Facebook webcast that was pre-recorded last week in a packed Performing

Arts Center in Wenatchee.
Ferrell beat out 19-thousand contest applicants in an online poll that garnered

thousands of votes over the last four months. The Wenatchee kindergarten teacher received a treasure trove of

prizes including all-expenses-paid vacations to Italy and New York. Martha Stewart and Kitchen Aide supplied all

new appliances and home furnishings. But it was the main prize presented by Macy’s Corporate marketing director,

Martine Reardon that capped off Amy’s special day. . .
Amy’s dream is to start an after school program that

incorporates literacy and math and provide a home large enough for their family. Amy shared her experiences with

Clint Strand on the KOHO Morning Show


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