3 Skiiers Killed in Stevens Pass Avalanche

February 19, 2012




Three skiiers were killed in an out of bounds avalanche at Stevens Pass on Sunday. A call was

received by ski patrol shortly after noon reporting a party of 15 were skiing in the Tunnel Creek area when a

major snow slide buried 8 people, according to Stevens Pass General Manager John Gifford. 

class="Apple-tab-span" style="white-space:pre"> Ski Patrol responded immediately, and the 7

unburied skiiers were able to locate the rest of the party. But three victims did not respond to CPR or

defibrulation efforts and died at the scene. Their identities have not yet officially been released. Giffords said

there were no other reports of major injury among the rest of the




Initial reports suggest three people are dead in an avalanche just

outside the Stevens Pass ski resort, authorities said.


Earlier Sunday, the King County

Sheriff’s Office said two were dead and as many as eight were missing in the Stevems Pass avalanche, but

later changed the death toll from two to three. KING-TV reported that the individuals who had been unaccounted for

in that avalanche have since been accounted for.


The three deaths occurred in an out-of-bounds

area near the Stevens Pass ski resort, said sheriff’s spokeswoman Cindi



Additionally, a snowboarder was killed in another avalanche in an out-of-bounds area in

the Alpental Valley at Snoqualmie Pass.


KOHO News will provide more information as it becomes