Wenatchee Voters asked to Approve Fire Station Bond

October 20, 2009


Today we continue

examining issues before voters on the current election. If you live in Wenatchee you are asked to decide on

Proposition 1, which is a proposed $11.7 million bond to build a new fire station.

"margin: 0in 0in 0pt">       This is the third

time the bond has been put before voters, but Brett Hamilton with the Citizens Fire Facility Bond Committee said

he is confident that homeowners are ready to shoulder the costs of building a new fire station.

style="margin: 0in 0in 0pt">       Hamilton spoke

by phone with KOHO’s Isaac Kaplan-Woolner.

"font-size: 14pt">       Ballots have already been mailed out and must be returned

or placed in an official drop box by November 3rd. If you haven’t registered to vote in

Washington State for the November election yet, it is not too late. The last day to register in person at the

auditor’s office is October 26th. Find more about

"http://www.co.chelan.wa.us/ad/ad_main.htm">Chelan County election here.

What are your

thoughts on this bond issue, Proposition 1?



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