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Wenatchee Police Arrest Second Suspect in Cowell Murder

December 16, 2010

Investigators from the Mackenzie Cowell Homicide Task Force made a 2nd arrest last night in the February homicide investigation of Mackenzie Cowell. 22 year-old Tessa M. Schuyleman, a close friend of defendant Chris Wilson, was located at a residence in Tumwater, Washington, and transported to Wenatchee where she was booked into the Chelan County Regional Justice Center on the charges of Rendering Criminal Assistance 1st Degree and Obstructing a Public Officer. Investigators first questioned Schuyleman in October following the arrest of defendant Chris Wilson whose DNA was connected to the site where Mackenzie’s Body was found near Crescent Bar on February 13th. Schuyleman initially told investigators she had no recollection of the events in February and had no information regarding Wilson’s involvement in the murder of Mackenzie Cowell. Despite Schuyleman’s claim of no knowledge regarding the murder, investigators found pictures and videos that suggested she did have knowledge. Several images on computers seized from Wilson’s apartment depicted Schuyleman posed on the floor of the apartment in the same location of the blood stain investigators found. Lab results later confirmed this stain contained Mackenzie’s blood. It appeared as if Schuyleman was posing as a dead person. Investigators served a search warrant on Schuyleman’s cell phone in October and found two videos of interest. The first was recorded on June 26th and depicts Schuyleman entering Wilson’s apartment, moving aside a coffee table in the living room, and focusing the camera on the clearly visible stain lab tests later determined was the dried blood of Mackenzie Cowell. The second video recorded June 30th (4 days later) depicts Wilson asking Schuyleman if the apartment is clean. Schuyleman replies, “Considering what happen…ing?” At the end of the video, Schuyleman focuses the camera on the location of the rug where the blood stain was later found by investigators. The stain was only slightly discernable indicating it had been cleaned since the first video 4 days prior. The videos corresponded with the timeframe Chris Wilson moved out of the apartment. Based on Schuyleman ‘s concealment of these videos from investigators and lies regarding her knowledge of the blood stain and the existence of the videos she took of the blood stain, investigators determined she rendered criminal assistance to defendant Chris Wilson and obstructed investigators seeking information about the murder.


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