Wenatchee Mayor: No Money For TTC Interest Payment June 1st

May 11, 2012



A nearly one million dollar interest payment is

coming due June 1st for the Town Toyota Center. No one can pay it.

Not the Greater Greater Wenatchee Regional Events Center

Public Facilities District board. Not the city of Wenatchee.

And by the way…this is not a surprise to city


Wenatchee Mayor

Frank Kunz talked with Clint Strand on the KOHO Morning Show Friday. He told Strand while he is sure the

interest money will get paid, there simply isn’t any cash to give to interest due on the Bond anticipation

note when sales tax increase monies aren’t yet being collected. Kunz assured that the doors of the TTC

will remain open and nothing will change from a public/user perspective. You can listen to Strand’s

full interview with Kunz above.