Wenatchee Mayor Denies City is Shirking its Arena Debt Service Obligation

March 30, 2011

Wenatchee Mayor, Dennis

Johnson says the City has every intention to live up to its Town Toyota Center debt service responsibilities.

Steve Hair reports that the Mayor has responded to comments from Cashmere Valley Bank president, Ken Martin who

announced in a recent Wenatchee World article that he was preparing to sent a strong message to the City Council

about his concerns. Martin criticizes the city for not taking a more active role in refinancing the debt. The

Mayor responds
Martin also said the long term bonds should have been issued three years ago when it became

evident that the arena could not generate enough money for debt service. But the Mayor says the PFD board was

preparing to do JUST THAT when the recession hit . .
Mayor Johnson also responded to Martin’s objections to a

plan pursued last year by the PFD Board to increase sales taxes to help pay off the debt. . .
Mayor Johnson

says he welcomes Martin’s business expertise and says he looks forward to any suggestions that he or his group

come up with to help the City going forward.


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