Wenatchee Mayor Awaits Debt Decision

July 12, 2011

The city of Wenatchee and the

Regional Public Facilities District are holding their breath, awaiting a court decision which would allow the city

to pay off the Town Toyota Center’s construction bonds.


    Up to $3

million dollars in debt payments is on the line in the so-called contingent loan agreement, and at this point a

potentially unpopular sales tax is the only plan B being discussed.



KOHO’s Isaac Kaplan-Woolner stopped by Dennis Johnson’s office to get the Wenatchee Mayor’s

thoughts on the future of the Town Toyota Center, and how that $42 million construction debt will get paid. When

it comes to that all-important court ruling on the contingent loan agreement, which would allow the city to take

on the TTC’s debt payments, Johnson said he expects a decision in September.


/>Johnson is not seeking re-election in November, but he said he is committed to not having a lame-duck term. And

he noted that ultimately, decisions over the Town Toyota Center debt lie very much with city council.



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