Wenatchee Bank Robber Arrested Almost Immediately

February 14, 2011

Wenatchee Police released a press release

Monday evening:


"A Valentine’s Day bank robbery did not go well for a 23-year old

Cashmere man who was arrested moments after he left a Bank of America branch in Wenatchee with a significant

amount of money.  Joshua Hurt entered the bank at 830 N. Wenatchee Avenue at 2:15 PM waving a knife and

wearing a dark baklava (face mask) over his head.  He loudly demanded money from tellers and put what they

gave him in a backpack.  Hurt then left the bank and walked north. 


/>Fortunately, a witness using the ATM at the bank followed the robber on foot from a safe distance and called

“911”, directing police towards the suspect.  Wenatchee Police Officer Keith Kellogg soon arrived

in the area and saw the man walk into a Godfather’s Pizza Restaurant a block north of the bank. 

Officer Kellogg followed Hurt inside, found him in the restroom changing clothes, and arrested him.  The

backpack, containing the stolen money and the suspect’s large sheath knife, was found with Hurt. 


Hurt was identified by the bank employees as the robber.  He was interviewed by a

detective who learned Hurt called “911” to report a fictitious bank robbery at another location as a

diversion just before he robbed the Bank of America branch.  Notes about planning the bank robbery, written

by the suspect, were also recovered.    


Nobody was hurt in this

incident, which is being jointly investigated by the Wenatchee Police Department and the Federal Bureau of

Investigation.  Hurt was booked into the Chelan County Regional Justice Center for a state charge of Robbery

in the First Degree but may face federal charges as a result of this bank robbery."



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