Wenatchee to Allow Backyard Chicken Coops ?

May 24, 2010

Should chicken coops be

allowed in the City of Wenatchee? That’s the question being asked of the City’s planning commission. A group of

people would like permission to raise small numbers of poultry for eggs or for 4h and FFA projects. Steve Hair

reports that the City is considering relaxing its livestock regulations to accommodate them.
The City

currently allows chickens to be raised on property of at least a half-acre in size. A group of local residents

would like to see that rule relaxed and they met with the planning commission last week to discuss their request.

The movement toward natural foods and healthy diet is also prompting more interest among people to raise their

own poultry and eggs.
City Planner, John Ajax confirms that the Planning Commission has instructed staff to

draft changes to the current livestock ordinance. The changes would come in the form of a zoning code amendment

which would then be placed before the City Council for final approval.


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