Wash. Marijuana Industry Slowly Takes Shape

August 12, 2013

State representative Cary Condotta joins us in studio for an

update on how the state and local marijuana industry is progressing.

The city of

Wenatchee will try to answer how to deal with administering pot shop permits here in the Wenatchee valley at a

meeting this week. They're legal in the state of Washington, but illegal at a federal level.

"MsoNormal">One of the many issues surrounding the future of these shops is zoning. For smaller cities,

it’s going to be very difficult to find locations because the shops must be at least 1,000 feet from

schools, libraries and other public buildings. 

"MsoNormal">Chelan County will be issued permits for three pot shops and Douglas County one.

"MsoNormal">State representative Cary Condotta said banking is also a big problem. Because marijuana is still

illegal at a federal level, banks are afraid do business with marijuana dispensaries due to the risk of incuring

federal actions. Going at it from a strictly cash-only model leaves businesses open to laundering and fraud, as

well as targets for burglary and theft.

Condotta said when it comes to the state

dispensaries, the feds should just stay out of the matter altogether.

Stay tuned

later in the week when we will have more on the cities’ progress on pot shops after their meeting on