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Verizon Phone Data Surveillance Scandal

June 12, 2013

Through the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, the National Security Agency applied for and gave a court order to Verizon demanding them to turn over all telephone metadata for phone records originating in the U.S. from late April to July 19. "Non-content" metadata includes subscriber data, recipients, both parties’ phone numbers and locations, the times and the durations of every call made.

A newspaper in the UK, the Guardian, revealed the government surveillance order after a former NSA employee leaked them the information.

We sat down with the Technology and Liberty Director of Washington state’s American Civil Liberties Union Jamela Debelak. She said two main concerns encompass this controversy - civil rights and government transparency. If you’d like to get involved on either side of this issue, the ACLU has released petitions for citizens to sign on their website at