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Timeline of terror: Where Paris attacks took place Top Stories - Sat, 11/14/2015 - 20:03

Here are the seven main locations of the Paris attacks and what happened at each one.


Analysis: From tragedy, a changed 2016 campaign Top Stories - Sat, 11/14/2015 - 19:48

On national security, Hillary Clinton makes it clear she won't offer Obama's third term.


Witness recalls terror at Paris' Bataclan theater: 'Bodies in the lobby' Top Stories - Sat, 11/14/2015 - 19:44

Concertgoers stumble and rush in a crazed effort to flee the carnage inside the theater.


Introducing an STD you've never heard of Top Stories - Sat, 11/14/2015 - 19:30

Study suggests 'MG' affects 1% of sexually active people


Terrorism at forefront of Democratic debate Top Stories - Sat, 11/14/2015 - 19:29

In the wake of the terrorist attacks in Paris, Clinton was forced Saturday to defend her record in the Obama administration and as an origin...


'Nazi Grandma' sent to prison for denying holocaust Top Stories - Sat, 11/14/2015 - 19:18

87-year-old German woman insists Auschwitz wasn't proven to be death camp


With Paris in mind, pre-debate rallies toned down Top Stories - Sat, 11/14/2015 - 18:56

Thoughts of Paris lingered on the minds and lips of many gathered outside the auditorium.


Bernie Sanders is 'still sick and tired' of Clinton's emails Top Stories - Sat, 11/14/2015 - 18:43

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders still agree on one thing: They're still sick and tired of hearing about her emails.


Cargo craft packed for trip to space station Top Stories - Sat, 11/14/2015 - 18:31

The spacecraft is named for Deke Slayton, one of the original Mecury seven astronauts.


Obama: No credible threat to U.S. in wake of Paris attacks Top Stories - Sat, 11/14/2015 - 18:26

President convenes meeting of national security aides before leaving for G20 summit in Turkey


Democratic presidential debate to highlight terrorism after Paris attacks Top Stories - Sat, 11/14/2015 - 18:25

Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and Martin O’Malley will face off in their second debate tonight.


Horrifying video shows carnage outside of Paris theater Top Stories - Sat, 11/14/2015 - 18:23

A video posted by Le Monde on Saturday shows a glimpse at the horrifying scene of dozens fleeing gunfire outside a concert hall in central P...


Clinton, Sanders, O'Malley clash over Wall Street Top Stories - Sat, 11/14/2015 - 18:22

Wall Street and Hillary Clinton's ties to it brought about one of the sharpest exchanges of the Democratic debate in Des Moines.


Muslims strongly condemn Paris terror attacks Top Stories - Sat, 11/14/2015 - 18:00

Muslims worldwide on Saturday strongly condemned the terrorist attacks by the Islamic State that killed at least 127 people in Paris.


Sanders: I'm not as much of a socialist as Ike Top Stories - Sat, 11/14/2015 - 17:54

Bernie Sanders says his tax policies aren't nearly as left-wing as the 34th president.


Parisians wait in long lines to give blood following attacks Top Stories - Sat, 11/14/2015 - 17:49

Masses of people waited in long lines in Paris on Saturday to give blood following a series of deadly terror attacks that killed at least 12...


Democratic candidates address Paris attacks at outset of debate Top Stories - Sat, 11/14/2015 - 17:39

The Paris terror attacks were on the minds of the three Democratic presidential candidates in Saturday's debate.


Democratic candidates address Paris attacks at outset of debate Top Stories - Sat, 11/14/2015 - 17:31

The Democratic presidential field addressed the previous day's terror attacks in Paris at the beginning of Saturday night's debate in Des Mo...


Elite fed interrogation unit training local police, other agencies Top Stories - Sat, 11/14/2015 - 17:03

Science behind interrogation in increased demand, top official says.


Highlights from Des Moines: Clinton, Sanders, O'Malley face off in debate Top Stories - Sat, 11/14/2015 - 17:01

Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and Martin O'Malley took part in their second primary debate Saturday in Des Moines.