October 13, 2009


Fire crews are making progress on a fire that started in the Tripp Canyon

that’s threatening homes in the Briskey Canyon and Sky Meadows areas.

Lieutenant Maria Agnew with Chelan County Emergency Management says crews have the 550 acre blaze 60%

contained, and hope to dig handlines all around the fire perimeter by noon Tuesday. 180 people in all and one

Department of Natural Resources helicopter are fighting the blaze that started as a legal, private burn pile that

escaped its borders and got out of control. 


style="margin: 0in 0in 0pt">Agnew told Clint Strand on the

KOHO Morning Show that Sheriff’s officials will hold Level 2 and level 1 evacuation notices in the Briskey

Canyon and Sky Meadows areas until tomorrow morning. If all goes well, emergency officials hope to lift those

evacuation notices then.



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