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*UPDATE* Leavenworth City Administrator Fired

December 04, 2009


120409 Leavenworth Administrator fired
Friday Morning—IKW
Details remain limited surrounding the firing of Leavenworth’s City Administrator, David Torgler. Reporter Isaac Kaplan-Woolner has the latest:
120409 Leavenworth Administrator fired
“I’m Isaac Kaplan-Woolner
       KOHO News will continue to follow this story as details emerge. Join the discussion and leave you comments online at
“On November 20th, just 10 months after joining the city of Leavenworth, Administrator David Torgler was placed on paid administrative leave by Mayor Rob Eaton. Eaton said that Torgler will not be returning to his position after the 30 day period ends.
Eaton said he decided to terminate Torgler after lengthy discussion with city council. The mayor said the decision to relieve Torgler of his duties was not reached lightly, and that he has the unanimous support of the council.
Councilman Michael Molohon declined to comment on the firing, saying only that the Mayor discussed the issue in executive session with the council, but that the power to fire city employees rests with the Mayor. No vote was taken by council.
       Mayor Eaton said for legal reasons he is unable to discuss the specifics of why Torgler was fired, saying only that the city is “choosing a different direction.” Eaton said the city is going forward with a search “of some type” for a new administrator.
In an interview with the Leavenworth Echo, Torgler said the Mayor fired him suddenly, and that it came as a complete shock. Torgler has yet to return calls made by KOHO News.
Mayor Eaton said the firing is based on general concerns, and that there is no one specific incident that prompted his decision. He said he cannot comment on Torgler’s overall job performance. But he did say he had spoken to Torgler over the summer about “various issues that needed to be worked on,” though the Mayor declined to elaborate.
       The City Administrator’s termination comes amid city council budgetary discussions and the decision whether or not to drop the Mayor’s pay back down from $5000 to $1000 per month January 1st. Mayor Eaton was given the temporary full-time pay raise when the city was originally searching for a new city administrator. Now the city is in that position once again.
But Mayor Eaton said firing Torgler has no budgetary bearing, has no bearing on the issue of the mayoral compensation package, and was a completely independent decision. Eaton said the City Administrator is paid roughly $105,000 per year.
Until the position is filled Mayor Eaton said the city will operate a person short. In the mean time, Eaton said he will take over or oversee delegation of Torgler’s duties.”



Honest and upstanding? Who

Honest and upstanding? Who are you kidding? You must be a friend of his because anyone else he meets is treated like crap. David needs some serious people skills and an attitude adjustment. You can catch more bees with honey Mr. Torgler.

Obiviously the comment above

Obiviously the comment above is one of his friends and this person has never done their research on the man nor worked for or with him.

Is it Leavenworth or is it the Mayor?

The next administrator will be the 3rd for Mayor Eaton....

Mayor Eaton has done his job

Mayor Eaton has done his job welll! Mr. Brinkman left on his own to pursue his sought after career in teaching. We are all very thankful that Rob did what he did in concern with Torgler!

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