Town Toyota Center Board Reconsiders Sales Tax Hike as Debt Service Option

November 24, 2010


Toyota Center’s board of directors has given the green light to proceed with a public opinion poll to find out if

there’s support for a plan to raise the sales tax to help pay off the arena’s construction debt. Members of the

Public Facilities District has approved a 72-hundred dollar contract with Spokane-based Robertson Research Group

to do the survey. The PFD is considering putting the point-one percent sales tax hike on the ballot next year.

Arena General Manager Mark Miller tells Wenatchee Bureau Chief Steve Hair how the survey will be used . . .

Town Toyota Center Manager, Mark Miller who also reported to the board that the arena is poised to end the year

with about a 100-thousand dollar profit. But that’s not enough to meet debt service payments on the 50-million

dollar loan. Earlier this summer the Wenatchee City Council turned thumbs down to a proposed ballot measure asking

for a .2 percent sales tax hike. In his presentation to the board Miller reported brisk sales of tickets for

upcoming December concerts. He says 2-thousand tickets have already been sold for the Rodney Carrington concert

and 14-hundred advance tickets have been sold for Clint Black’s performance.


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