The Ones Suicide Leaves Behind

September 23, 2010

Today we are taking an in-depth look at suicide. Numbers have

jumped this year in Chelan county, and coroner Wayne Harris reports the man who jumped from the Odabashian bridge

Monday brings the total to 12 this year, as opposed to 6-8 suicides per year in the recent past.

/>    We’ve talked about the numbers, and how to prevent suicide, now let’s talk about

the people that suicide leaves behind to pick up the pieces. Isaac talked with a Wenatchee woman who lost her son

to suicide, and her work to help others come to terms with these tragedies. Margie Jones facilitates group and

one-on-one sessions at Wenatchee's Good Grief Center. Jones says suicide carried a stigma, and the reasons why

can never be fully understood.
    Saturday November 20th is National Suicide Survivor’s

Day, and there will be a program at the Good Grief Center in Wenatchee.
If you missed it earlier, the

Wenatchee Recovery Innovations crisis line is 662-7105. Call them if you are contemplating suicide or if you would

like to talk about a loved one or family member. You can also always go to your doctor or the emergency room to

seek help.