Teamsters Union Prevails in Chelan County Employee Vote

December 17, 2009

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class="MsoNormal">The Teamsters Union has prevailed in a vote of

"on">Chelan County employees. The final

results in the decertification vote have 54 percent favoring Teamsters representation. 

26 percent voted against and 19 percent of the employees did not cast ballots. The poll had been requested

by a group of employees who had become disgruntled with the Teamsters and wanted to form their own bargaining

unit. A main part of the dispute revolved around questions about how union dues were spent. Teamsters Union

representative, Paul Parmelay discussed the situation earlier this month . .


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class="MsoNormal">Paul Parmelay with The Teamsters Local Union #760.  The Union

represents over 160 clerical workers in Chelan

County. The Decertification vote was conducted by the

Washington State Public Employee Relations Commission.





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