SWAT Team Called Outside of Leavenworth

November 29, 2012


"text-indent: 0.5in; margin: 0in 0in 0pt">Sheriff Brian Burnett reports that

Chelan county Sheriff’s deputies called out a SWAT team this morning after conducting a welfare check on a

man in Merry Canyon, up Chumstick Highway outside of Leavenworth. The SWAT team was called when the armed man

barricaded himself inside his house at around 9:30 this morning.

Officers have secured the area and say there are no other

parties involved in this developing situation. Merry Canyon has been closed to traffic and neighbors have been

notified. KOHO News will update as more information becomes available.


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style="text-indent: 0.5in; margin: 0in 0in 0pt">*UPDATE* Sheriff Brian Burnett

joined us by phone to update that the man has been taken into custody wihtout injuries to himself or officers.

Here is the news release:


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Sheriff Brian Burnett advises on Wednesday, November 28 at about 2:30 PM, Rivercom Dispatch received a call

from a female subject in the Seattle area asking if our Deputies would check on the welfare of her friend, later

identified as 59 year old Alan Chamberlain of Seattle, who was possibly enroute to the Leavenworth area. The

request was made due to Chamberlain having made suicidal statements to the reporting party after having a domestic

dispute with his wife and an apparent negative situation at his work. He was possibly heading to a cabin in

the Merry Canyon area of Leavenworth where he mentioned wanting to kill himself. Deputies checked the cabin

Wednesday afternoon and didn’t find Chamberlain, but did find that there had been recent activity

there. While at the cabin, they saw what appeared to be gun cases in the cabin, but no sign of


Deputies were

unable to make contact with Chamberlain on Wednesday, but attempted again Thursday morning. Once on scene at

about 0930 hours, two Deputies made contact with Chamberlain as he exited his cabin and immediately threatened to

kill the Deputies while holding a rifle in both hands.  The Deputies backed off and attempted to talk and

reason with him, telling him they were only there to check on his welfare. About 4-5 minutes passed with

Chamberlain continually telling them he would kill them and then kill himself. While speaking to Chamberlain,

he placed the gun under his chin and walked back inside the cabin and closed the door, continuing his threats to

kill the Deputies and telling the Deputies they were going to have to shoot him. When attempts to further

communicate with Chamberlain failed, they backed away from the cabin and requested further assistance.

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The Chelan County Regional SWAT team

responded with a Sheriff’s Office Crisis Negotiator. Members of Douglas County SWAT and Washington

State Patrol Special Response Team also responded for assistance. Attempts to communicate with Chamberlain

were made with a loud speaker, but were met with the same results of threats to shoot Officers and then

himself. He also made comments that Officer’s were going to have to shoot him.

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At about 5:30 PM Thursday evening, a friend

of Chamberlains arrived on scene in an attempt to talk him out of the house. After several attempts,

Chamberlain exited the house wearing no clothes and was standing on the porch railing. SWAT team members had

been able to approach the house and porch area without his knowledge prior to this and were able to take him into

custody after deploying a Taser as he attempted to retreat back into his cabin. Chamberlain was taken into

custody without injury and was later booked for 2 counts of Felony Harassment, Threats to Kill. Nobody was

injured during the incident.