Suicide Rate in Chelan County Doubles

September 23, 2010

UPDATE: The name of the man whose body was found in the Columbia River near the boat launch at the

foot of Orondo Avenue on Tuesday morning is Andrew Daniels. Chelan County Coroner Wayne Harris released the name

Friday morning after next of kin were notified. Harris ruled the drowning a suicide.



suicide rate in Chelan County is already double the yearly average, according to County Coroner Wayne Harris. A

man leapt from the Odabashian Bridge Monday Night, bringing the total number of suicides this year to 12.

Authorities are withholding the man’s identity as they track down and notify family members. Harris said the

normal number of suicides per year is 6-8.
    Today we bring you an in-depth look at the

suicide spike, then talk about preventing further tragedies, and finally we examine coping mechanisms for those

who have lost a loved one to suicide.
    Of course, with Monday’s suicide in Wenatchee,

the topic is on many people’s minds. To get more on the trend, Isaac Kaplan-Woolner first spoke with the

county coroner yesterday by phone (listen above). Harris said one common trend among many suicides is a history of

mental illness.


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