Suicide Prevention Resources

September 23, 2010

County Coroner Wayne Harris says suicides have spiked locally, with 12 suicides this year compared

to an average of about 6-8 per year. So what resources are available locally to prevent suicide from happening?

Where can someone turn when they think of ending his or her own life?
    Isaac Kaplan-Woolner

turned to a local social worker for answers. Carolina Venn-Padilla is a mental health professional at

Wenatchee Recovery Innovations,

whose crisis line is 662-7105. Venn-Padilla encourages anyone to call them if you are contemplating suicide or if

you would like to talk about a loved one or family member who cause self harm. You can also always go to your

doctor or the emergency room to seek help.
    Venn-Padilla stressed that if anyone is

thinking about suicide, or if you are at all worried about someone you know, there is always hope and help

    But what about people who do lose a friend, loved one, or family member

to suicide? How to deal with the potent mix of grief, anger, shock, and shame? Join us for the third part of this

series, as we interview a mother who lost her son to suicide, and now helps facilitate suicide survivor grief



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