State Takes Another Step Forward in Marijuana Industry

September 05, 2013

            Washington state took another

big step in implementing the voter-approved marijuana industry yesterday. The Washington Liquor Control Board

approved the filing of proposed rules that will help govern the state’s system of producing, processing and

retailing recreational marijuana.

            The board’s vote

yesterday occurred later than originally planned due to public input from five public meetings in July and August

across the state. Board staff members chose to revise and re-file the rules in order to include clarification in

language, production limits and priorities from the U.S. Department of Justice.

style="mso-tab-count:1">            State liquor

control board spokesman Brian Smith said the board is now comfortable with the rules they’ve put forth.

Smith said after 30 days and another required public hearing, board will chose on Oct. 16 whether or not to

approve the rules. If they do, the rules would become final on Nov. 16 and a 30-day window would open up Nov. 18

for the board to accept applications for licenses.