State Supreme Court to Hear Eastside Trail Extension Appeal

July 19, 2010


in a long series of legal maneuvers will likely delay even longer the extension of the Eastside Apple Capital Loop

Trail, if not halting the project entirely. KOHO News has learned that the State Supreme Court has agreed to hear

a legal challenge filed by orchardists who oppose the trail’s construction by the State Department of Parks and

Recreation. The plaintiffs in the case are mostly orchardists who lease state-owned land where the trail is being

developed. They claim that Douglas County Commissioners violated State growth management laws when they approved

the project two years ago. The plaintiffs case has been rejected by the Douglas County Superior Court and the

State Court of Appeals. A hearing date has not been scheduled yet by the Supreme Court. County Commissioner Ken

Stanton says the delay will likely set the project back indefinitely. The Eastside Trail extension would add about

6 miles to the existing Eastside trail from the Odabasian Bridge north to Lincoln Rock State Park.


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