Sheriff for Day Honors Son of Slain Deputy

April 23, 2010

The Washington State Apple Blossom Festival officially kicked off (Thursday) in Wenatchee with an

emotionally charged opening event at Memorial Park. The Chief For A Day ceremony has become one of the festival’s

most anticipated events. The program gives children with various types of disabilities the opportunity to serve as

honorary chiefs for a day chaperoned by the heads of the Wenatchee and East Wenatchee Police Departments, The

Chelan and Douglas County Sheriff’s Departments, The State patrol and the State Department of Fish and Wildlife.

But this year’s event was especially poignant for the Chelan County Sheriff’s Department and their Sheriff for the

day. . .Sheriff Mike Harum made the introduction . .

042310 chief for day . . 1:15 Q: applause fade

Each of the chiefs for a day were dressed in their respective department’s uniforms. They received their

badges and afterwards were sworn into office by Chelan County District Court Judge, Nancy Harmon. Douglas County’s

Sheriff for the day is Riley Loyola, Nikita Goforth serves as Wenatchee’s honorary Police Chief, Chase Cummings is

East Wenatchee’s Chief for a Day and Francisco Chavez was named State Department of Fish and Wildlife Chief.


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