Seafood Watch Reactrs to Salmon Mislabling

July 15, 2011

/>Is that fancy fish you ordered really as fancy as you think? Wild-caught Pacific salmon is more myth than

reality on some Puget Sound restaurant menus, a study at the University of Washington Tacoma has found.

38 percent of samples from Tacoma-area restaurants showed a menu was promoting farm-raised Atlantic salmon as

wild-caught Pacific salmon, or calling a coho a king. Grocery stores and fish markets got better scores, with only

about 7 percent of store samples mislabeled.
    So how can foodies and conscientious eaters

be sure they are eating sustainable salmon? For answers, Isaac Kaplan-Woolner called a leading national

organization, Seafood Watch.
    And you can find out about the sustainability of all sorts of

seafood on the Seafood Watch website, which can be found at


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