Scout-a-Vista Camp To Be Sold to Cover Boy Scout Council Debt

October 21, 2009


Over 70 years of Boy Scout memories are contained in the Scout-a-

Vista camp located in the Mission Ridge area south of Wenatchee. But Officials with the Grand Columbia Council of

the Boy Scouts of America say mounting financial debt will force them to sell the 200 acre property unless a

benefactor comes forward to save it. Council Executive Robert Fawcett tells KOHO news that the organization has

accumulated 1.5 million dollars in debt from capital expenses and the continued operation of its scout camp

properties including Summit camp in Okanogan County . .

Scoutavista 2 . . .

4:25 “all of it”

The Scout-a-Vista property has been in Boy Scout ownership since

1935. Its been a favorite for camp-outs and Cub Scout day camps. Its also been rented out to other groups such as

churches and schools. The Grand Columbia Council of the Boy Scouts has a

"">website which contains more

information on the proposed sale and business plan.



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