Pybus Market First Phase Ready For Action

March 04, 2011

All three partners in the Pybus Public Market project turned out last night to reiterate their

support for its continued development. Despite a list of financial uncertainties the City of Wenatchee, Chelan

County Port District and Private Developer, Ted Mischiakov expressed interest in seeing the project move forward.

The first phase of the project now appears set to go. It involves the Port District’s plans this summer to

demolish the dilapidated building that presently hides from street view the historic Pybus building. There was a

sense of eagerness but also trepidation at last night’s Wenatchee City Council meeting. The City is holding

onto 1.4 million dollars in federal seed money but the Council is still deliberating on how best to use it for the

Market development. The Port, which owns the Pybus property wants to see the City move quickly to develop the

Market and sign up vendor leases. Councilmember Mark Coulas compared it to a polar bear plunge where everyone is

looking at each other to see who jumps in the water first. The property to the South of the Pybus Market is owned

by Mischiekov’s group out of Bellingham. Although he hasn’t developed his property yet, he’s

been one of the Project’s major cheerleaders. He says his residential and commercial development plans are

directly tied to the Pybus project. His message to the Council, Don’t lose the vision . . click above for

Mischaikov's statement The plans going forward are for the Council in three weeks to consider signing the

Market’s first renter, the Wenatchee Valley Farmers Market. The hope is for the Farmers Market to start

business on the Pybus site by the Summer of 2012.


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