Proposed Leavenworth Ice Rink Raising Funds

November 09, 2010

Would you like downtown

Leavenworth to have it’s own ice skating rink? One group is working hard to make that dream a reality by

raising $1 million to fund the rink’s construction.



Kaplan-Woolner has more with Tony Keyser, presedent of the Leavenworth Ski Hill Heritage



    According to their website, the Leavenworth Ski Hill

Heritage Foundation was founded in July 2002 as a 501(c)(3) organization.  Its mission is to develop, sustain

and expand Leavenworth's ski heritage, including outdoor education and other programs that enhance Leavenworth as

a recreation destination.


In pursuit of its mission, the Leavenworth Ski Hill Heritage

Foundation has adopted the Leavenworth Pavilion and Ice Rink as a capital project to build on Leavenworth's

outdoor sports legacy.


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