Port Considers Federal Economic Development Grant for Pybus Project

April 28, 2011

Chelan County Port District is exploring the possibility of funding part of

the Pybus Market project through a Federal economic development Grant. Jennifer Korfiatus, Executive Director for

the North Central Washington Economic Development District met with Port Commissioners on Wednesday to discuss the

grant proposal. Afterwards she talked with Wenatchee Bureau Chief Steve Hair . .

She told Commissioners

that the Pybus Project has been listed as a top priority by her board of directors.

No decision was

forthcoming at Wednesday’s meeting. At this point the Commissioners still have more questions than answers.Chelan

Port Executive Director, Mark Urdahl said he was doubtful the project would qualify for the 1.5 million dollar

grant based on his knowledge of the eligibility criteria

The Pybus Market project is a joint venture

involving the Port, City of Wenatchee and a private developer.


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