Plans to Establish Central Washington Regional Jail Revived

April 27, 2011

Douglas County Commissioners say its

time to revive plans for establishing a regional jail that would serve several counties in Central Washington.

Commissioners have set a May 5th meeting to discuss the idea with other interested parties. . .

discussed the plans in their regular weekly chat with Wenatchee Bureau Chief Steve Hair…

Commissioner Ken

Stanton says it’s a concept that first came up after the Chelan County regional jail partnership dissolved two

years ago. . .

Right now Douglas County contracts with Chelan and Okanogan County for jail bed space.

Commissioner Steve Jenkins says in today’s economy it only makes sense to try to find ways to reduce costs . .

Commissioners would like to see something similar to the multi-jurisdictional consortium that owns the

Martin Hall Juvenile jail in Medical Lake. Commissioner Dale Snyder says the only difference would be in how the

facility’s day-to-day operations are managed . .

If the plans go forward, where would a Central Washington

Regional jail be located? Commissioner Dale Snyder doesn’t have any problems with it in his backyard . .

Commissioners also stressed that there are no legislative obstacles in the path of establishing a regional jail.


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