Pipe Bomb Discovered at Rock Island Rock Crushing Facility

February 17, 2011

Authorities say a

pipe bomb was discovered Wednesday morning by workers at a Rock Island cement manufacturing facility. Douglas

County Undersheriff Don Culp says the device had apparently been located by a metal detector that scans material

before it is processed through a rock crusher. The Company had been dredging sand and rock from one of the area’s

settling ponds. Culp described the device as a six-inch-long galvanized pipe about one inch in diameter. He said

there were two wires protruding from one of the end caps. Culp says an employee had carried the device to a safe

area and then called the Sheriffs office. A bomb disposal team from the Yakima Firing Center was brought in to

examine the device. They determined it was indeed an explosive device but was not dangerous in its current state.

Culp says its not known how long the device had been in the pond. No suspects have been identified. Authorities

speculate that the pipe bomb had been thrown in the pond in an attempt to dispose of it.


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