One Structure Confirmed Destroyed In Nahahaum Canyon Fire

August 01, 2010


It’s official: the Nahahaum Canyon fire has claimed its first



style="font-size: 14pt">Wenatchee River Fire Complex Public Information Officer Sarah Foster confirmed to KOHO

101.1 the now 600-acre fire burnt one unoccupied single wide trailer overnight, the only structure lost in the

firefight so far. Foster could not confirm the location of that trailer.

Foster also clarified the

amount of homes facing an evacuation notice in the Nahahaum Fire. 53 homes above mile marker 3 on Nahahaum

Canyon Road are dealing with a Level III evacuation notice, the most serious of the three. 30 homes farther

down the canyon are dealing with a less grave, but still serious, Level II evacuation notice. The Nahahaum

Canyon fire is the largest in the Wenatchee River Complex, including a 40 acre fire in the Tripp Canyon area and a

30-35 acre burn in the Devil’s Gulch region. 

Foster added firefighters are

battling 5 much smaller burns scattered around the valley.

Click above for the full

conversation between KOHO’s Clint Strand and




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