Officials Say Wenatchee Stormwater System Worked as Designed During July 28th Flashflood

August 06, 2010

It was a 30 year flood, but the storm that struck Wenatchee on July 28th probably won’t qualify

for government disaster aid. City Fire Chief and emergency management director, Stan Smoke presented his final

damage report to the City Council. Smoke has been working in concert with Chelan County’s office of emergency

management in assessing the overall damage from last week’s flashfloods. He says there’s still a chance that

Federal help might become available. .

Thursday evening Smoke and City Engineer, Steve Smith presented a

final damage report to the City Council. The floods were worse than anything the City’s seen in three decades but

in his assessment, Smith said the City’s stormwater system worked well…m”

Smith said the lion’s share of

the flood damage was felt in the foothill neighborhoods of Canyons one and two where the stormwater infrastructure

such as culverts and drains were inadequate.

Smith says another problem that needs to be dealt with are

property owners who don’t maintain storm culverts or build fences or other structures on their property that block

the flow of water into the storm drainage. Going forward he said he plans to mount a public information campaign

to make residents more aware of their responsibilities.


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