New Leak at Hanford Nuclear Reservation

February 18, 2013


Gov. Jay Inslee says the state is willing to resort to the legal system to push ahead with cleanup at the

Hanford Nuclear Reservation after learning that a tank that holds radioactive liquids is leaking at the nation's

most contaminated nuclear site.

"font-size: 14pt">The Democrat said Friday that the state has a good partner in Energy Secretary Steven Chu but

that he's concerned about whether Congress is committed to the cleanup.

The tanks hold millions of gallons of a highly

radioactive stew left from decades of plutonium production for nuclear weapons.

Inslee said the tank is the first to have

been documented to be losing liquids since all Hanford tanks were stabilized in 2005. His staff said the federal

government is working to assess other tanks.

       Gov. Inslee held a press conference Friday to discuss the leak. Isaac

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