Mukilteo Turns Off Red Light Cameras

April 07, 2011

Mukilteo has turned off the City’s red light cameras. The city council has decided to repeal its 2010

ordinance that authorizes installation of cameras to catch speeders and red light runners.
Last November,

voters decided to restrict the camera’s use
The city council was somewhat defiant about whether the public

could make such decisions, and councilmembers voted to reconsider and rework the red light camera law. The council

also wanted to wait for a Supreme Court decision on legal challenges to the initiative.
The City of Wenatchee

is also in a legal dispute over its ordinance and is awaiting a court ruling. A Tim Eyman-backed group is

circulating a petition in an attempt to place a ballot initiative on the fall ballot. The City challenges the

initiative on constitutional grounds contending legislative actions by the city are not subject to the initiative