Milepost Ten Fire Spreading Fast

August 10, 2013

Lots of fires

started last night from the lightning strikes. Most of them were put out, or at least tamped down, by all the rain

that came with it, but firefighters did respond to some serious burns.

"MsoNormal">What’s being called the Milepost Ten fire is spreading quickly and has grown from about 100

acres late last night to now somewhere between 14 hundred and 2 thousand acres. It started on Colockum Road, near

mile marker 10 on Malaga-Alcoa Highway 28. It’s spreading north of the already blackened area of the

Colockum Tarps Fire.

A Type-II interagency fire team is

taking over coordination duties tonight at 7. Dozers and firefighters have been pulled off of the Colockum Tarps

fire to help with the initial attack. The fire is burning in the same short, fast grassy fuels that helped rocket

the Colockum Tarps fire two weeks ago

Chelan County

Sheriff's officials have now issued a Level 2 Evacuation notice for the Jumpoff Road area, in addition to four

homes along Kingsbury Road.

Central Washington

Interagency Command Center officials also said they're chasing 18-20 other reported starts in the area. While

most of them are not listed as a concern, crews are checking out each and every one of them.