Mexico Could End Ag Trade Tariff by this Summer

March 07, 2011


on Washington apples, pears and cherries would end early this summer under an agreement announced Thursday by the

U.S. and Mexican governments.
The agreement would resolve a two-year controversy over cross-border truck

traffic that prompted Mexico to impose 20 percent tariffs on American products beginning in March 2009.

slapped on the tariffs shortly after the U.S. Congress refused to fund a program under the North American Free

Trade Agreement allowing Mexican trucks to make deliveries inside the United States.
Lifting the tariff comes

as welcome news to the tree fruit industry Dan Kelly with the Washington Growers Clearinghouse says the tariff

has effected growers returns but he says shipments have continued pretty much on pace . .
Mexico is

Washington’s top export market for apples and pears, with pears generating about $50 million to $60 million, and

apples another $150 million to $180 million a year.


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