Link Transit Now Available on Google Maps

August 12, 2013

Link Transit users here in Chelan County and western Douglas County now have a new

resource available to help plan their travels on public transit. Link announced last week their route and schedule

information is now included on Google Maps, along with a trip planner on their website.

Users can go to the

website at link transit dot com on their computer or smart phone, type in their trip origin, destination, travel

time and Google Maps does the rest. It provides available options, showing the amount of travel time and number of


Some of the other features

of the Google Maps app include street view imagery of locations, enabling users to preview bus stations, see

whether it’s a covered shelter and its proximity to businesses. Users can type in the name of businesses or

places, negating the need to know exact addresses.

To access Link Transit’s Google Maps app, simply go to

link transit dot com, type your trip info into the trip planner and download the app when prompted. West said he

encourages everyone to give it a try and see how easy technology has made traveling with public