Leavenworth Update

October 12, 2011

The mayor and city administrator stop by

to talk budget, Oktoberfest revelry, and more.


Budget line items are getting prioritized.

Administrator Walinski said there is a lot on the plate that city council wants, and the next step is figuring out

what can be afforded and what can not.


Mayor Larsen said building sign kiosks to allow public

notices to be displayed is one priority, especially with the new sign ordinance now in



Overall the budget should be fairly close to this year in terms of the number of dolalrs

the cioty has to work with, but expenditures could raise significantly, especially with the 17% proposed increase

in law enforcement contracts.


Mayor Larsen said cuts may come in animal control or waste

collection. He added that there is no one major program to cut, but various programs will have to be trimmed

wherever possible.


Mayor Larsen addressed the issue of parking concerns for crowded Oktoberfest

weekends. Walinski said there was a massive amount of people in town last weekend, and said that some issues have

arisen. But he added that the crowd caused no major incidents.




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