Leavenworth Mayor Hired by Amtrak in Oakland

January 12, 2011

The Leavenworth City

Council has been sitting on a pretty big secret. At last night’s public meeting councilman Peter DeVries

finally spilled the beans, saying Mayor Rob Eaton told him he had been hired by Amtrak for a position in Oakland,



Mayor Eaton was out of town on business and unavailable for comment. But DeVries seemed

confident Eaton would take the job. DeVries asked City Attorney Terry McCauley to lay out the succession



McCauley said assuming Eaton accepts the position with Amtrak and steps resigns,

city council will appoint an interim mayor. The interim would serve the rest of Eaton’s term until the next

election is certified in the fall.


The council can appoint any eligible city resident as

interim mayor, but if they appoint a councilmember there would be another appointment process to fill the vacancy

on the city council.



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