Honeybee Population in Massive Decline

July 30, 2013

It’s called Colony Collapse Disorder and it’s

causing serious damage to the honey bee population worldwide. That decline is having some negative effects on

agricultural industries that depend on bee pollination for their crops. The repercussions from the loss of honey

bees are many. Agricultural industries around the world depend on them to pollinate billions of dollars worth of

crops every year. Chelan and Douglas Counties are no exception.

Not only do the local

tree fruits, such as apples, cherries and pears, depend on bee pollination, but other crops such as wheat, peas,

canola do as well. Those foods and countless others are in danger due to a mysterious mass die-off of honey bees

known as Colony Collapse Disorder.

Current estimates for the number of loss beehives

hovers around 10 million, worth a total $2 billion dollars. That’s just in the last six years. This decline,

however, has been going on far longer than that.