Historic Wings Over Wenatchee

July 19, 2011

If you hear the roar of engines over

head the next few days and look up to see a large bomber flying low, don’t worry, we aren’t under

attack. A restored 1943 WWII B-25 Mitchell bomber based in Arizona is on a stopover at Pangborn airport in East



“Maid in the Shade” flew some 15 combat missions in Europe. The

vintage plane is now part of the Commemorative Air Force’s flying museum in Mesa, Ariz. It took a volunteer

crew almost 30 years to fully restore the historical aircraft, right down to the paint job.


/>Now, local fans of classic aviation and history buffs alike will have a chance to see this piece of history up

close. And a lucky few will actually get to see the view from the bombadier’s seat as the plane flies over

the Wenatchee valley.
Our own Isaac Kaplan-Woolner was one of those lucky few, as four members of the press

were led up a ladder in the belly of the bomber for an exclusive flight on Monday.

You can check out

that B-25 Mitchell bomber at the Wenatchee Jet Center at Pangborn Airport today and Wednesday for free. It flies

on to Idaho on Thursday.
It’ll cost you $5 to have your photograph taken in the plane’s cockpit.

Those who want to experience for themselves a flight on the fully restored WWII plane can arrange that, starting

at $395. Call (480) 322-5503 to arrange a flight. You can find more information on the plane at www.azcaf.org.



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