Hanukkah Explained

December 04, 2010


may know about the candles, or that there are eight nights. You've probably heard Adam Sandler sing about it. But

how much do you really know about Hanukkah?


Hanukkah is an eight day festival commemorating the

reconsecration of the Holy Temple in Jerualem around 200 BCE. The story goes that after the Maccabees (a Jewish

rebel army) recaptured Jerusalem fromt he Greeks, they found only one days worth of consecrated oil for the

Temple's eternal flame. Miraculously, the flame burned for eight days.


Today, Jews celebrate

Hanukkah by lighting one additional candle for each night of the holiday. Often, oily foods like latkes (potato

pancakes) and donuts are eaten. Children play a gambling game with chocolate coins and a spinning top called a



Isaac Kaplan-Woolner asked members of Wenathcee's Jewish community to share their

thoughts on Hanukkah.


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