Hanford Has New Leaking Radioactive Tank

November 06, 2012



nation's largest collection of deadly wastes left behind from the production of nuclear weapons sits at south-

central Washington's Hanford nuclear reservation. Late last month, the U.S. Department of Energy, which oversees

the site, revealed a slow leak in the oldest of 28 double-shell waste tanks, saying a small amount of waste was

leaking into the space between the inner and outer walls.

These double shell tanks are supposed to be the more secure back up

tanks to replace the older, already failing single shell tanks that hold millions of gallons of radioactive



blowing group Hanford Challenge originally discovered the new leaking tank, and now the DOE has officially

announced they are working to deal with the problem. It is yet another incident that highlights the dangerous

nature of stored nuclear waste, and underscores the importance of creating a longer term, safer



Kaplan-Woolner has more with Tom Carpenter of Hanford



For its part, the Department of Energy says no waste is believed to have leaked from the double walled tank into

the environment on the reservation near Richland.

"font-size: 14pt">      The state Department of Ecology is working with federal

officials to decide how to deal with the leak.