Hanford Cleanup to see Big Bonus

October 01, 2009

senator murray Hanford funding

Thursday MORNING

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       Float down the

mighty Columbia River long enough, and you’ll come to one of the

world’s most polluted places. The cleanup of Hanford, one time plutonium enrichment site and current nuclear waste dump, has already

cost billions of dollars.

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But this year it will get an extra infusion of federal cash, thanks to Senator Patty Murray. Isaac Kaplan-

Woolner reports:


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Hanford funding


“I’m Isaac Kaplan-Woolner

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"Times New Roman" size="3">The cleanup of Washington’s Hanford Nuclear Reservation is a staggeringly expensive and

complicated project. Hanford is considered one

of the most nuclear and toxic waste polluted sites in the world.

            So it is considered a big win that

Senator Patty Murray was able to secure an extra $87 million dollars for

"on">Hanford cleanup in the final version of President Obama’s yearly spending

bill. I spoke with Senator Murray by phone as she returned from a Conference Committee meeting on the Fiscal Year

2010 Energy and Water appropriations bill:


100109 senator murray

Hanford funding—02:27

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"Times New Roman">            The Conference Committee version of

the spending bill is now expected to pass through both chambers of Congress and be signed by president Obama. The

slice of the pie slated for Hanford cleanup in

2010 is $2,095,732,000, which is $87 million more than the President’s Budget




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