Gov Inslee Says Senate Budget Proposal Is Non-Starter

April 04, 2013

The Republican-controlled Senate has

unveiled a budget proposal that focuses on a series of spending cuts and fund transfers as lawmakers work toward

balancing a projected budget deficit while also complying with a court-ordered requirement to spend more on the

state's basic education system. Under the budget released Wednesday, budget writers say they identified more than

$1 billion in savings, including $65 million in government efficiencies that state agencies will have to

implement, $127 million in savings by moving thousands of low-income government workers into federally subsidized

health care and millions more saved by delaying the opening of a prison unit. The budget adds $1.5 billion more to

K-12 education, including $1 billion directly toward basic education. The overall amount includes more than $240

million on a learning assistance program targeted to high-poverty schools and $41 million to phase in expansion of

full-day kindergarten. For his part, Governor Jay Inslee said the Senate budget proposal is a non-starter. Isaac

Kaplan-Woolner reached Gov. Inslee by phone to talk about his reaction to the Senate budget proposal, and about a

climate change bill Inslee signed into law on Tuesday.